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The Sigmaswap ecosystem is primarily composed of five categories of users: liquidity providers, traders, SIGMA holders, developers, and protocols. Liquidity providers are incentivized to contribute HTS tokens to the liquidity pools while Traders can swap these tokens for one another with a fixed 0.25% fee. SIGMA holders are the group that has power to direct the development and the direction of Sigmaswap. They are freely open to use all features available with their SIGMA, including an exclusive staking feature. Developers can integrate directly with Sigmaswap's smart contracts to power new and exciting interactions with tokens, trading interfaces, retail experiences, and more. Sigmaswap are open to protocols to collaborate in order to enlarge and make a healthier ecosystem that can provide the highest benefits possible to all stakeholders.

In other words, when different groups within the digital economy cooperate with each other, it leads to a virtuous circle that drives economic growth and spurs innovation. Having a shared common language (i.e. a protocol) for tokens helps to facilitate this cooperation.

Liquidity Providers

Liquidity providers, or LPs, are not a homogenous group:

  • Passive LPs are token holders who passively invest their assets to accumulate trading fees.

  • Professional LPs are focused on market making as their primary strategy. They usually develop custom tools and ways of tracking their liquidity positions across different DeFi projects.

  • Token projects sometimes decide to transform themselves to LPs in order to create a liquid marketplace for their token. This helps their tokens to be traded more easily, and unlocks interoperability with other DeFi projects through Sigmaswap.

  • Some DeFi pioneers are beginning to explore complex interactions in liquidity provision, such as incentivized liquidity and liquidity as collateral. Sigmaswap is the perfect protocol for projects to experiment with these kinds of ideas.


There are several categories of traders in the protocol ecosystem:

  • Speculators use a variety of community built tools and products to swap tokens using liquidity pulled from the Sigmaswap protocol.

  • Arbitrage bots are computer programs that automatically compare prices on different platforms to find opportunities to buy and sell for a profit. While this activity might seem extractive, these bots actually help keep prices fair and equalized across Hedera markets.

  • DAPP users buy tokens on Sigmaswap for use in other applications on Hedera.

  • Smart contracts that execute trades on the protocol by implementing swap functionality (from products like DEX aggregators to custom Solidity scripts).

The flat fee for trading on the protocol is the same in all cases. This is important for increasing accuracy of prices and incentivizing liquidity.


There are many ways Sigmaswap can be used in the Hedera ecosystem, but some examples include:

  • The fact that Sigmaswap is open-source and accessible to everyone means that there are a lot of different UX experiments and front-ends being built to offer access to Sigmaswap functionality. You can find Sigmaswap functions built into most of the major DeFi dashboard projects.

  • Many wallets offer swapping and liquidity provision as a key part of their product. For example, HashPack and Blade are two such wallets.

  • Graph QL allows for easy access to realtime data on protocols, for example HGRAPH.

  • DEX aggregators are able to offer traders the best prices by pulling liquidity from multiple sources, including Sigmaswap.

  • Lending protocols could also be a great option for integrating with DEXes, as lending and DEXing naturally support each other to fulfill the ecosystem of finance. Also, some features like flashloans could be unlocked by this integration.

  • Port is a crucial tool that allows Sigmaswap and the Hedera network to interact with other blockchains and DLT networks. Visit HashPort.

  • The suite of functions available to smart contract developers could be used to create new DeFi tools and other experimental ideas.

And more.


All of the codes created by Sigmaswap are available to public. They can be used by anyone for any purpose without requiring permission.

Sigmaswap Team and Community

The Sigmaswap team, together with the wider Sigmaswap community, drives the development of the protocol and ecosystem.

SIGMA Holders

SIGMA token holders are one of the most important groups of users on the Sigmaswap platform. The SIGMA token represents ownership and the ability to direct the protocol. In fact, SIGMA holders share ownership of Sigmaswap. In return, SIGMA tokenomics and all features on the Sigmaswap protocol are carefully designed to reward the holders. More use cases are and will be built to add more value to SIGMA.


Any existing protocols that desire to collaborate with Sigmaswap are free to use all the technologies delivered by the Sigmaswap protocol. As all are open-source and permissionless, please utilize these resources, or if the integration plan is out of the scope of Sigmaswap's previous development, please contact us at Sigmaswap Official Link.