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General FAQ

What is Sigmaswap?

  • Sigmaswap is a decentralized exchange platform on the Hedera network that implements an automated market maker (AMM) protocol which facilitates token swaps.

What is a pool?

  • A liquidity pool (LP) is a pool of two tokens, e.g. HBAR and USDC tokens. This pool allows users to exchange any tokens within the ecosystem.

How much fees?

  • Trading feature charges 0.25% trading fee in all pairs. Check out more on Fees.

Gas Fees

  • Gas fees are charged before making transactions. On Hedera, gas fees are always paid in HBAR which is calculated on behalf of US dollars values.

Does Sigmaswap have a governance token?

  • Yes, It does. The governance token of Sigmaswap is called SIGMA. Please go to the Token page to see more detail.

Which Hedera wallet can use Sigmaswap?

  • We are currently only supporting the HashPack wallet on the web interface. However, developers can use any Hedera wallet to interact with Sigmaswap through small contract calling with Hashgraph SDK.

What is Decentralized Rewarding ?

  • It is the feature that allows anyone (not just companies) to add any HTS tokens to any pools as additional rewards.

What are HTS tokens?

  • HTS tokens are the tokens created and run on the Hedera hashgraph network. It utilizes the speed of hashgraph at 10,000 TPS.

Is Sigmaswap's code an open source?

Are the voted tokens taken?

  • Yes, they are sent to the burn address after the vote ends.

Where to contact the team?

  • The Sigmaswap team is always active on multiple social media platforms. Discord is where most of the conversations place. Please refer to the Community Page to see more channels or direct email to [email protected]