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What is Sigmaswap?​

SigmaSwap is a decentralized automated market maker and trading platform operated on Hedera. The protocol is built as a peer-to-peer exchange system for cryptocurrencies that are HTS Tokens.


To clarify, SigmaSwap is the developed version of the gold standard Uniswap V2. The code has been redesigned to support Hedera Hashgraph. The protocol is implemented by a set of immutable smart contracts to enhance the security level. For those who are new to the system, please explore the Hashgraph technology before using the platform for your own benefits.


The following is a brief overview of changes from the Uniswap original code.

  • Hedera Precompiled Contract Integration : For safety reasons and network optimization, Hedera provides precompiled smart contracts to all developers as a prebuilt codebase. This helps reduce difficulties in optimization and interaction between smart contracts (EVM) and HTS tokens.
  • Token Association : According to Hedera, in order to interact with any token on the network, an account or/and a contract needs to permit token association by a transaction.
  • Smart Contract Rent : According to the announcement from Hedera here, Data storage including smart contracts will be charged a rental cost denominated in USD (but pay in HBAR). All smart contracts from Sigmaswap support auto–renewal.
  • Additional Features : For the best experience, Sigmaswap offers various types of services to fulfill and respond to all users' needs.
  • Wrapped HBAR : The HTS version of HBAR is used for many purposes within smart contract operations.

Permissionless System​

With a permissionless design, the protocol’s services are entirely open for public use, without selectively restricting specific persons not to use any of them. Everyone is freely allowed to swap, provide liquidity, or even create new markets at will. This is the new reputation of financial services differentiating the traditional ones that currently restrict access for many based on customers’ demographic, geography, wealth, social status, and age.


The protocol is immutable (or not upgradable) which means that no party is able to pause the contracts, reverse trade execution, or otherwise change the behavior of any function in the protocol in any way. Likewise, the protocol itself or/and Sigmaswap Governance has no right to make any changes in any immutable system. Governance voting could only result in creating a new program and the old or existing one remains. View more on Security.


Sigmaswap’s goal is to be the most sustainable and trustless decentralized finance protocol. We focus mainly on providing the best services with the highest level of security and a completely transparent process to the end product. With the benefits of the Hedera network (high speed of transaction completion, proof of consensus, low gas fees, etc.), the protocol optimizes all involved technologies to make everyone has the best experience using our services.

Please visit github for system details.